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Turn your camera equipped iPhone, iPad or iPodtouch in a
high-quality wireless IP camera

Broadcast video from the palm of your hand.

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Easy to use. The iVigilo way.

iVigilo Smartcam is designed to be easy to use and operate.

Most users can operate the wireless IP camera directly after installing it from the App Store.
Others can with one or two settings, tune iVigilo Smartcam to their specific setup.

Start video broadcasting now. iVigilo Smartcam
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Camera preview. Front and back.

Immediate camera preview. Switch between front and back camera.
After sixty seconds the camera preview screen will dim out.
Just click the screen and it is the preview shows up again.

iVigilo Smartcam. Broadcast your camera's to the world !
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Easy Internet address for sharing

iVigilo Smartcam automatically gives you the local address for sharing of the signal. This is the top line in the camera preview screen.

Just type the address in any browser within your network and see the live video stream.

We use advanced automatic port forwarding algorithms to assign a port for access to your camera from the Internet. This is the second line in the camera preview screen

iVigilo Smartcam. Easy Internet address sharing !

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Advanced functions. Easy setup.

From the setup menu you have access to a lot of advanced functions in an easy way:

- Select the video signal quality;
- Turn the camera light on or off;
- Provide userid / password for the administrator web page;
- Provide userid / password for the camera stream page;
- Choose the port number for the Internet address;
- Turn auto port forwarding on or off;

iVigilo Smartcam. Advanced functionality, easy to handle !

Seamless integration with iVigilo Dashboard and iVigilo Alert Centre

iVigilo Smartcam can easily be integrated in the optional iVigilo Dashboard and Alert Centre Apps.

In this setup iVigilo Smartcam acts as the camera, iVigilo Dashboard the remote control and iVigilo Alert Centre as the digital video recorder.

iVigilo. Smart Alerting for a smarter planet !

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