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Manage all your cameras from the palm of your hand !
Available now for iPhone
®, iPod touch® and iPad®.
Requires iVigilo Alert Centre for Mac OS X to operate.

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Easy to use interface.

Your iVigilo Dashboard App is designed with ease-of-use in mind. Clear and intuitive screens give you access to your cameras and alerts.

The iVigilo Glimpse screen hast three states: green, orange and red. A green glimpse means there has been no alert of any kind.
Once turned to orange this means there is a technical alert which has been recognized by iVigilo. This could be lost of network connection, battery problems or other technical issues. Once resolved the fingerprint will turn to green again.
Finally in case the fingerprint is red it means that iVigilo has discovered a possible serious event and has send an alert for this event to your dashboard.
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Live cameraview.

Look at the live signal from your cameras. Flip through them with the swipe of your finger.

iVigilo Dashboard connects through the iVigilo Alert Centre with all the cams connected to the Alert Centre. Always. Via WiFi or through 3G networks. No technical expertise is required for setting up connections with your iVigilo Alerter.

Through the Dashboard live camera view you can always keep an eye on your to the Alert Centre assigned cameras.

iVigilo Dashboard. View all your cameras from the palm of your hand!
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Control your digital video recorder

iVigilo Dashboard completely controls the high-quality digital video recorder (DVR) which is integrated in the iVigilo Alert Centre.

From your Dashboard you can flip to the camerastream which you want to record.

Manually start and stop the video recording. Tell the DVR to record in time lapse mode. Or only record when there is motion detected on the actual camera feed.

iVigilo Dashboard. Record all your cameras from the palm of your hand !

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Smart Alerting.

iVigilo's core is an smart integrated alerting system which first of all identifies at the iVigilo Alerter an unwanted event. This could be a motion detected by the camera(s) connected to your Alerter. Or a sound. Or any other event detectable by our technology. Once this event is recognized, the Alerter will send an event notification to your Dashboard. At this moment your Dashboard receives a push notifaction and you can jump straight to the Alert view. You will get notified even when you are not using your iPhone or iPod touch. Even when you are not using our app.
From the Alert view you have the option to review immediately a recording of the event which triggered the alert. Or you can switch directly to the Live cameraview to view in realtime what is going on.