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Camera stream management. Digital Video Recorder and personal alert assistant.
Only for Mac OS X. Requires iVigilo Dashboard to operate.

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Digital Video Recorder and personal alert assistant

iVigilo turns your Apple Mac computer in a digital video recorder and personal alert assistant. Use your built-in webcam, any connected IP Camera or any of the millions of public web camera's in the world. With iVigilo Alert Centre you can watch the camera signals, record them and even send an alert with a video signal to your iVigilo Dashboard device.

No more need for expensive dedicated security systems or even special services: just use your existing equipment to start today !

iVigilo Alert Centre works with your standard Apple Mac computer. It can connect with the iVigilo Dashboard on your iPhone or iPod touch through 3G or WiFi networks.

iVigilo Alert Centre is fully controlled by your iVigilo Dashboard app. Once you have defined your camera's in the Alert Centre you can leave the app running in the background of your Apple Mac computer. The Alert Centre will automatically in the background watch out for any movements and or sounds on the attached cameras, record the streams if you want and alert you on your iVigilo Dashboard mobile device by sending alert notifications.

Setup and view all your cameras

iVigilo supports almost all digital cameras which are recognized by Mac OS X. Whether it is the built-in iSight, external USB or MJPEG network. All these cameras can be defined as a source for the Alert Centre.

In the camera Settings menu you can choose and setup multiple camera's to be in iVigilo Alert Centre. The Alert Centre supports an unlimited number of camera's. However only one camera at the same time can be processed for motion detection or recording.

Adding a network camera is as easy at entering the url of the camera in the Add Camera menu. iVigilo Alert Centre will then use this camera stream immediately.

From your iVigilo Dashboard app you can flip through all cameras conveniently by flipping the camera menu forward or backward.

One-channel digital video recorder

The iVigilo Alert Centre contains a one-channel digital video recorder (DVR). On the hard drive of your Apple Mac computer the content of your active camera channel is stored in digital H264 format. Starting and stopping of a recording is controlled from your iVigilo Dashboard app. Wherever you are in the world.

The Alert Centre DVR supports manual, timelapse and motion detected recording modes.

In manual mode you start and stop the DVR recording the active channel.

In time lapse mode the DVR is recording based on the time lapse settings. For instance every hour for five minutes. Or a still picture every thirty seconds.

Finally motion detection mode means that the iVigilo Alert Centre is using advanced image processing routines to detect movement in a camera stream. Once a movement is detected an alert will be send to the iVigilo Dashboard and the camerastream will be recorded from 5 seconds BEFORE the motion was detected until 15 seconds AFTER the last motion.

Full control of the DVR including recording mode selection and detailed settings for timelapse and motion detection sensitivity are done from the iVigilo Dashboard app.

iVigilo time lapse recording example #1

iVigilo time lapse recording example #2

Smart alerting with your personal alert assistant

The iVigilo Alert Centre is using built-in advanced image recognition, sound analysis, device motion detection and system information status algorithyms. This sophisticated design allows the Alert Centre to detect for instance movement on camera streams, certain sounds, the movement of your laptop or the fact that you are running out of battery.

You can choose to turn on Smart Alerting and then the Alert Centre will send the actual alert to your connected iVigilo Dashboard. In case of a camera alert the whole videoclip will be send to the iVigilo Dashboard app. Or a soundclip in case of a sound only alert.

iVigilo Alert Centre will also generate a push notification which will warn you on your mobile device that an alert has been generated. You can then choose view to immediately view it.

Alerts can be stored locally on the Alert Centre computer, on your mobile device or on both.

Intelligent router configuration

For most users, the iVigilo Alerter automatically finds its way through the routers, hubs, gateways and other devices which make the modern internet, and deliver its unique IP-address to our Rendezvous Server. Anonymously of course.

This unique address will be used by the Dashboard app on your iPhone or iPod touch to establish a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) data connection between the iVigilo Alerter and your mobile device. Just like that. No technical knowledge required.

None of your private data is send through our server. But only directly between your Alerter and your mobile devices.

Technical requirements
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Mac® Hardware
Mac® computer with an Intel processor;
Built-in iSight® camera;
A minimum of 2 Gb of RAM is recommended;
Screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater;
Mac® Software
Mac OS® X version 10.6.x or later;
QuickTime 7.6 or later;
200MB of available disk space;
IP Network camera;
Most MJPEG IP camera's are supported;
Only video is recorded;